Take the TPH Spectra® Super Shade Challenge

Guess which shades TPH Spectra® A2 covers by selecting the teeth below. Its chameleon effect is pretty powerful so don’t be shy. Once you’ve made your picks, submit your answers to see your score.

Aww, You're a few shades off

Maybe you sneezed while selecting? Maybe your pet ran across your keyboard? Or maybe you’re not giving TPH Spectra® enough credit? Go back and try again if you’d like. Or, skip the game and request a free sample so you can really put the chameleon effect of TPH Spectra® to the challenge.

Not bad, you got [x] right

A little on the conservative side huh? Well then you’ll be happy to know TPH Spectra® can cover even more shades. Much more. Its simplified shading properties and chameleon effect can almost cover the VITA® shade guide in one A2 shade. Imagine what all seven shades can do.

Sweet, you got [x] right

That’s a lot, right?! But guess what? It tackles even more shades than you selected. One A2 of TPH Spectra® can cover almost 11 shades of the VITA® shade guide. It’s because of an exclusive chameleon effect that utilizes unique resins and surrounding tooth colors. With all seven shades of TPH Spectra®, tooth matching becomes simple.

Nailed it, you got [x] right

Way to knock it out of the park. Even if you missed a couple that’s still pretty impressive. And so is TPH Spectra®. Can you believe that seven shades can cover the entire VITA® shade guide? It might be time to switch your composite to the chameleon effect and simplified shading power of TPH Spectra®.


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