Preferred Handling

Truth: Every Dentist Uses Their Composite Differently.

TPH Spectra® Universal Composite Restorative is the only composite from a major manufacturer that’s available in both a high viscosity and a low viscosity formula. That’s because we know that no two dentists are the same. Some dentists prefer a firm-handling composite they can pack and sculpt. And some dentists prefer a creamy-handling composite to spread and flow into the prep. Why settle for a composite that you have to conform your style to? You should have a composite that works for you and your restorative procedure. That’s TPH Spectra® Composite.

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Simplified Shading

Truth: You Want a Composite That’s Easy to Use.

With simplified shading options, TPH Spectra® Universal Composite Restorative is one of the easiest composites to use. We’ve streamlined the shading process by providing seven of the most essential tooth shades that cover the entire VITA® range, helping you save more time when it comes to crafting your restorations.

Chart illustrating TPH Spectra Shades

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