Unmatched Chameleon Effect

TRUTH: You shouldn’t be able to recognize your handiwork.

Our proprietary blend of resin and fillers delivers lower opacity and higher translucency, for restorations that defy detection. Discover exceptional surface luster, realistic light refraction and genuine color for a lifelike restoration.

Stain Proof

TRUTH: You want a composite that stays looking magnificent.

Don’t let your hard work fall victim to coffee, tea, wine and other daily teeth-staining hazards. With TPH Spectra® Universal Composite Restorative, your artistry lasts longer with an exclusive composite chemistry that’s proven to resist common stains better.

We went head-to-head with Filtek™ Supreme Ultra, Kalore™ and Venus® Diamond to compare which composite stains less. The results speak for themselves. Both TPH Spectra® Composite LV and HV had the best stain resistance out of the other leading competitors*.

New stain chart

* Cured composite specimens were prepared by curing the composite in a stainless steel mold, 1 mm thick x 15 mm in diameter, with Triad curing light for 2 minutes each side at room temperature. The cured specimens were post-treated at 37oC in DI water for at least 24 hours. The treated specimens were soaked in 30ml red wine (Cashmere by Cline Cellars) at the room temperature for 24 hours. The color values (CIE - L, A, B values) of each color chip was determined by X-rite Color Eye before and after the red wine staining. Minimum 2 specimens were prepared and tested for each material. The average value and standard deviation were recorded.

The color difference after the red wine staining is calculated as: DE =

Forumula to calculate the color difference after red wine staining

Filtek™ Supreme Ultra, Kalore™, Venus® Diamond are not registered trademarks of DENTSPLY International.

Polishing Study

TPH Spectra® Composite offers leading finish and gloss when used with DENTSPLY Caulk polishing systems.

Chart diagraming TPH polishability compared to similar products

Excellent Radiopacity

TRUTH: You want a composite you can trust.

TPH Spectra® Composite is radiopaque so it is easily distinguishable on the radiograph. The inability to clearly distinguish a material on an x-ray due to it being too radiolucent can lead to misdiagnosis.

Graphic comparing TPH Spectra composite radiopacity to others

Class III Case Study

TPH Spectra® Composite utilizes the quality physical properties and chemistry of the TPH brand to create natural restorations as seen in this Class III case study.

Class III before and after comparison

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